Sprout Fund I Portfolio Companies

Dryrun has developed groundbreaking cash flow forecasting software designed to address critical cash flow risks for accounting professionals, finance managers, decision makers, and business owners.

DiveThru is an iOS and Android app and global media site developed by founder Sophie Gray. It’s designed to help users DiveThru what they go thru. Combining the power of introspection and journaling, DiveThru puts individuals in charge of their own mental well being.


PLAYR.gg was acquired by TruFan in late 2020. TruFan is democratizing social data – to the benefit of everyone. They began in 2018 as a platform for brands to find and reward their top fans. Now, they're leveling the playing field - giving thousands of SMBs access to data only data scientists previously had access to. They are confident that the platform they’re providing is affordable, intuitive, and powerful.

MazumaGo (formerly DivDot) is a payment platform that enables businesses to send and receive no-limit payments for a flat fee. With MazumaGo, businesses can pay their suppliers, collect payments from customers, set up recurring transactions, and move money between internal accounts at different banks – all in a single dashboard. It is as simple to use as eTransfer but provides security and robustness of the banking system.

SmartAccess is a leader in the emerging “deskless workforce management” market – essentially mobile software-as-a-service (SaaS) that can help a company manage and communicate with its retail, warehouse, and factory workforce. Employees receive context-specific and timely product information, job information, training, and safety instructions through their mobile devices.

Ideon Technologies is a world pioneer in the application of cosmic-ray muon tomography. Its discovery platform provides x-ray-like visibility up to 1 km beneath the Earth’s surface to identify and image anomalies such as mineral and metal deposits. Using proprietary detectors, imaging systems, inversion technologies, and artificial intelligence techniques, it maps the intensity of cosmic-ray muons underground and constructs detailed 3D density profiles of subsurface anomalies.

VitaminLab's mission is to be the leader in personalized health for vitamins and minerals worldwide through its unique formulas, testing and knowledge. It believes everyone should know the exact needs of their body and should be able to supplement their exact deficiencies.

Simplicity is an intuitive, secure and private mortgage application platform for both the broker and the borrower. It's available anytime, anywhere, on any device, seamlessly integrated into your lifestyle.

EZOps is the first business intelligence platform built by oil and gas production operators for operators. It was specifically designed to accomplish this goal and it gets adoption. It will reduce your lifting costs, increase your production and streamline your compliance.

Adaptive Pulse is a Waterloo-based, customer success platform for B2B SaaS companies that identifies the potential for customers to churn and helps prioritize retention efforts and increase revenues.

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