How We Make Our VC Investments

1. We follow up on referrals to innovative technology companies at the pre-seed or seed stage of funding

2. Before meeting, we'll review the company's investor pitch presentation and its website

3. If we're interested, we'll meet with the founders in person or via Zoom to get their startup story

4. Together, we'll discuss the benefits of working with a venture firm and Sprout in particular

5. Afterward, we'll run the investment deal numbers and do preliminary due diligence

6. If we want to move forward, we'll negotiate the deal structure and financing terms with the founders

7. Then we'll give a term sheet to the company if it's selected as a prospective Sprout investment

8. We'll conduct in depth due diligence and draft our investment thesis sheet

9. Finally, we'll prepare and sign the legal agreements, the investment sheet, and then fund the investment

If you're ready to start the process, get a referral introduction to us or contact us directly today.